Photoshoot. Sunday,December 29th

Today The Road Crew had an extremely fun photo shoot! Derek felt under the weather but he managed to show up and get it done. I can’t wait till these photos are featured on the album.

Big thanks to Eryn Brydon for everything!


Adrenaline Junkie

The road crew is officially done recording our debut album. We finished the gang vocals and need only to adjust the volume levels. We are looking to release it early January!!! Get ready.

Our Debut Album “Adrenaline Junkie” nearing the end.

Our album is currently being mixed. On Saturday we go in for 2 hours of revisions. I can’t wait for the release of both the album and our music video for the first single “Lost”. Thanks to all our friends @ Musicjunkiepress for their undying support and we are grateful for our awesome fans,whether they’re applying our stage make up or just showing up to our gigs. I love you all Sincerely – Jakki Dee

It’s been a long time,now I’m coming back home.

I’m sorry,I haven’t updated my blog in a very long time.I recently set up a day for Downey to re-record the old guitar parts on our upcoming album(Adrenaline Junkie). I’m very excited to finally get this done and out for the listening pleasure of our fans. I will be taking photos and videos showing a little peak of the studio magic. Thank you to my followers for reading.

Rehearsal Oct.29th 2013 Historic Night. 7pm – 8:45pm

“We Are The Ones” is the song that haunted me for the last year. I wasn’t sure this song would ever get finished and it has stunted the progression of my career. A mountain blocking the path to creativity. The evil bitch that tried stabbing me in the night while I sleep! NOT TONIGHT! I’m pleased to announce “We Are The Ones” is finished. The Road Crew IS MOVING ON UP! I couldn’t be more excited!

Rehearsal 10/15/13 6:00pm-8:45

Tonight was awesome!  We rehearsed mostly new songs but I was so pleased to get “We Are The Ones” started with Downey 🙂 Its our (Road Crew’s) latest song and it’s headed in the right direction. We also played “Drop The Bomb” our other newest song in ONE TAKE!!! It was fuckin RAD! On a totally random note my drummer announced his other band( February Zero) has an opening gig for A Skylit Drive. The show is most likely gonna sell out. So good things all around! I can’t wait till Road Crew gets more gigs with bigger names! Thanks for reading 🙂 – Jakki Dee